Episode 15: "Do I Sound Sexy?" - The Souz Tape

Andrew is another year older and to celebrate, we interviewed his biggest cheerleader, his mother Susan (aka Souz). Souz regales us with stories from the years she supported Andrew’s skating career, almost died in Baltimore, and when she received her first carton of cigarettes. We chatted about family dynamics and how the Muldoon family navigated their personal and professional lives. One thing’s for sure, Andrew and his mom love to laugh.

Episode 14: Dave and Jason are Hardcore

This week Katie and Andrew meet Jason and Dave of the Hardcore band Kodivk and hear all about what makes a classical violinist and race car driver great bandmates. Andrew also calls one of them "Violin Boy" and quickly walks it back. But, in the end, it's a great conversation about friendship and love of music that makes this week's episode something special.


Episode 13: Putting in the Good Work with PT Life Fitness

Transformation. This is the one word that comes to mind after speaking with PeeDee and D of PT Life Fitness and Life Eatery. We learned about this wellness center and restaurant after talking with the two for this week's episode of Let's Tuesday. Having endured adversity and hardship, PeeDee and D turned their life experiences into passion and drive. Today, they offer fitness and personal training classes, holistic healing, mindfulness training, and vegan/vegetarian-friendly foods to their clients and community. They're here to transform you in a personalized and judgement-free environment...and we're all for that!

Episode 12: Ketch'up With Jenny J. of Misfit Doughnuts and Treats

Let's Tuesday is thrilled to introduce this week's guest, Jenny Johnson. A photographer turned vegan restaurant owner, Jenny's passion for Rochester and baking seeps through in every way. We chatted about Misfit Doughnuts and Treats, Rochester, and the growth of veganism in today's society.

Vegan-friendly restaurants in Rochester: Misfit Doughnuts and TreatsThe Red FernThe Playhouse // SwillburgerTap and MalletThe Owl HouseJohn's Tex Mex, and many more.

Jenny's go-to attractions in Rochester: Rochester Public MarketDryden TheatreRoc City Roller Derby

Episode 10: It's Matt Miller Time

On this week's episode of Let's Tuesday, Katie and Andrew to get to know Matt M. Born and raised in Syracuse, NY, Matt now lives in Rochester where he works with the Red Wings, Rochester's minor league baseball team. When he's not working, Matt enjoys craft beer, hockey, and celebrating America. In typical fashion, Katie and Andrew go off the rails, poke fun at each other, and laugh a lot. 

Episode 8: That Time Ben Dyed His Hair with Coffee

Long time friend of Katie and Andrew, and son of Simone Ochrym, Ben joins the Let's Tuesday duo to talk about his favorite things about Rochester, a ridiculous trip into Manhattan, conspiracy theories, and his attempt to become more Italian by showering in coffee.

Episode 7: Simone and Passion Go Hand-in-Hand

Passionate, eclectic, and funny are just a few words to describe Simone O. Let's Tuesday was thrilled to talk with Simone about her background as a photographer, mother, and advocate for those facing addiction and recovery in the Rochester community. In the past two years Simone has been working on a unique project that ties her passions together. Links to her work as well as resources for those facing addition in our area can be found below. 

More on Simone: Chasing Nirvana Clean, Project 308 Gallery, Flower City Arts

Addiction & Recovery Resources: Huther Doyle, SAMHSA, URMC Addiction Services

Episode 6: Liz + Wegmans = Love

Meet Liz C. A writer by day, blogger by night and like many Rochesterians, a huge fan of Wegmans. Liz chats with Katie and Andrew about her career path through craft beer, fantasy football, and agency life. We learn about her views on Rochester's Westside, and the special relationship she had with her 'Papa.' Also in this episode, Andrew didn't die out West and Katie saw "Ocean's 8."

Episode 5: Jess is Related to Weird Al (kind of)

In Episode 5 of Let's Tuesday we meet Jess F. She talks about her job as a teacher in the Rochester City School District and the time she ran into Sam Waterston while at Wegmans. Also in this episode, Andrew and Katie don't know math, Andrew reveals how versatile his 1995 corduroy coat is, and we discuss how terrifying it is when people ring your doorbell...plus so much more!

(PS - we experienced some technical difficulties with this episode. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sorry!)

Episode 4: Let's Meet Billy Bizzle

The hosts of Let's Tuesday welcome their first guest, Pete K. aka, Billy Bizzle. Find out how he got this nickname, why chowder is changing the "is chili a soup?" debate, and learn more about this local engineer whose is frequently forced to get his news from Fox News chyrons (it's ok, Katie and Andrew didn't know what chyrons were either).